Steam eye mask

I’ve really wanted to try this mask out for a long time! I’m so excited to finally get one!

It’s a steam mask that is supposed to warm up and relax your tired eyes.
It surprised me how FAST it warmed up. The package says it’ll be warm for 10 minutes, so I guessed that it’ll be warming up slowly, but nope. It’s still comfortable for eyes though, I’ve never felt them relaxing like this in years. My eyes seem even less red after using it!
It didn’t last for 10 minutes for me (tried 3 masks so far, all the same). More like 5 minutes or so. It still stays pretty warm after it for about an hour, one time I even fell asleep with it still on my eyes)
And the scent of this mask is awesome! I’ve got one with yuzu and it’s so refreshing! Totally love it!